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the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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Also, the eyes blink less frequently when looking at screens causing them dry out, which can result in blurriness, burning, and discomfort.
The phone survey, which questioned 396 randomly selected Oregonians in January, revealed one-third of respondents experienced eye strain or discomfort, including difficulty focusing or blurriness, while using the computer.
6 bases this analysis on three metrics including blockiness, blurriness and jerkiness.
With today's announcement, the Brix VQI has been enhanced to be "application aware," meaning it can distinguish, analyze, and correlate the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to data impairments that, in turn, contribute to picture jerkiness, blurriness, or no picture in video-based services.
Patients should call their doctor right away if they have blurriness, shadows, or a blind spot in the center of their vision; sensitivity to light; or unusually colored vision.
These three new models will feature Fujifilm's innovative Real Photo Technology, a synergy of the newly developed RP Processor, the 5th Generation Super CCD HR sensor and a super-sharp Fujinon lens that provides many benefits including reduced noise for sharper pictures, better low-light shooting, faster operation and higher shutter speeds that minimize blurriness in photos even at the high ISO setting, as achieved by the FinePix S9000 model.
Using Psytechnics' technology, Datamat will be able to assess the quality of each individual video frame, including measures for signal-to-noise, blurriness, jerkiness, skipped or frozen frames, and other errors.
The ability to see both near and far is hindered by AMD because damage to the macula causes blurriness and distortion of vision.
Additionally, the test system provides several video degradation metrics including Blockiness, Blurriness, Jerkiness, Frame Freeze Events, Frame Skip Events, Temporal Complexity and Spatial Complexity.
Close and his colleagues at the University of Arizona used an adaptive optics system, which compensates for the blurriness of the atmosphere, to detect infrared emissions from the star-packed region within 1.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A thin ring inserted into the eye could soon offer a reading glasses-free remedy for presbyopia, the blurriness in near vision experienced by many people over the age of 40, according to a study released today at AAO 2014, the 118[sup.
driver's licenses, better blurriness detection, and an enhanced user interface.
To solve these problems, the researchers joined a charge-coupled device to an optical microscope, then devised computer algorithms to correct the blurriness caused by the microscope optics at high magnification.
Image Deblurring - removing blurriness from digital photos caused by camera shake while the pictures were being taken;
In many patients, dry eye symptoms include blurriness, stickiness, and dryness.