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Synonyms for blur

become indistinct


  • become indistinct
  • soften
  • become vague
  • become hazy
  • become fuzzy



Synonyms for blur

Synonyms for blur

a hazy or indistinct representation

become glassy

to make less distinct or clear

Related Words


make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

make a smudge on

make dim or indistinct

become vague or indistinct

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With trials for TD-SCDMA technology reportedly failing, China's path to mobile next generation services has become even blurrier, with major implications for the future of market's four largest carriers, as well as infrastructure suppliers seeking to capitalize on 3G investment.
But that can be true only if the volume is much grainier, or blurrier, than the Planck-length tiles on the surface.
The legal and logical lines of demarcation are blurrier in the Oakridge case.
Around the age of 40, people begin to notice that newspapers are blurrier, and restaurant menus are harder to read.
The line between fungus biology and late-night television just got blurrier.
The line between TV and reality has grown blurrier on New York's West 55th Street, where the real-life Kramer and inspiration for the ``Soup Nazi'' are locked in a ``Seinfeld''-ian feud.
He asserts that the blurrier but far more numerous lensed images seen from Earth still provide the best estimates of the amount of dark matter.
The inability to focus sharply also makes it difficult or impossible to study part of a galaxy, forcing astronomers to settle for a blurrier view of the whole object.
The Internet Of Things (IOT) will help (and hurt) us all The boundaries between corporate and personal devices have become blurrier, causing increasing friction and security challenges affecting critical infrastructure.
In an industry where indies helping indies is becoming ever more popular, the line between what is and what isn't "Indie" is becoming blurrier by the minute.
His phrasing, which did not commit to the strict confines of gayness, was read by some as wishy-washy cowardice, but I like to think of it as a landmark moment for anyone who has a blurrier, more fluid vision of their own identity.
But the new study demonstrates that the distinction between wave and particle is blurrier.
Nothing in this Article denies that courts have significant creative authority to flesh out the blurrier contours of congressional legislation and that they can appropriately pursue coherence when doing so.
Adding to the discussion about how the terms "structural" and "cyclical" should be defined, she opined that the line between what could be affected by the monetary policy and what could not was blurrier than implied in the paper.