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Synonyms for blur

become indistinct


  • become indistinct
  • soften
  • become vague
  • become hazy
  • become fuzzy



Synonyms for blur

Synonyms for blur

a hazy or indistinct representation

become glassy

to make less distinct or clear

Related Words


make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

make a smudge on

make dim or indistinct

become vague or indistinct

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One way to solve the problem is to assume an appropriate prior model about the latent image and blur kernel.
Image blur filters are commonly used in computer graphics - whether it is an integral part of a Depth of Field or HDR Bloom, or another post process effect, blur filters are present in most 3D game engines and often in multiple places.
The Blur date caps a whirlwind 18 months for Sugarmen, who include Luke Fenlon (vocals/guitar), Tom Shields (bass) and Sam McVann (drums), after playing Festival Number 6, Liverpool Sound City, LIMF and bagging tour slots with Paul Weller.
Later this year we will release an API (Application Programming Interface) so that blur 5.
The Gaussian distribution is one of the simplest filters that can be applied to an image in order to blur it, or smooth it out.
The digital-physical blur is also creeping into the home.
The fundraising follows the company's initial public offering in October 2012 and the accelerated growth of the group's business thereafter, Blur added.
The Blur men brought on musician Paul Weller and poet Michael Horovitz to play original music.
Among the best is All Your Life, an out-take from 1997's eponymous album, Blur, in which Albarn imagines what it might sound like if David Bowie rewote John Lennon's Imagine.
Whatever you think of Blur, they epitomise Britishness with their tales of seaside towns and the Westway, a snapshot of British life.
Blur, Blur 21 ALL the best music acts are restless - from the Beatles to Bowie, Michael Jackson to Madonna.
Summary: Rock band Blur are back with not one but two new songs.
Among the big names supporting RSD are Essex-quartet Blur, who have released 1,000 vinyl copies of Fool's Day, their first recording with original guitarist Graham Coxon since 2003.
We can extend it by deliberately creating blur to suggest movement.
Image: Posh Britpopper Best known for: Being one quarter of Blur Early life: Born Steve Alexander James in Boscombe, Dorset, in 1968.