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Synonyms for blunderer

a clumsy person

Synonyms for blunderer

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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In addition, characters in symbiotic pairs, or as doubles, mirror-images, or copies of each other (in a sense themselves figures of adaptation) surfaced as early as Strangers on a Train (1950) and The Blunderer (1954).
Therefore, sleep apnea might explain why Taft--who weighed less and had an exemplary record in public service before and after his 4 years in the White House--is seen by many historians as a blunderer while president, Sotos says.
Serial blunderer Federico put the group in jeopardy once again when he failed to put on his costume in time.
it was Father Lannigan, a blunderer, a great floundering innocent like when he claimed in the night after all that had happened that he still believed, was still sure.
Jonathan Ploughboy is an inept lover, but he is also a shrewd shopkeeper; a blunderer, yet a clever plotter.
In 1952 Highsmith published The Price of Salt, for its time a daring story of a lesbian relationship, and, in 1954, The Blunderer, a psychological thriller.
Knowing transcendent Truth is the necessary qualification for ruling, but the effect of that enlightenment is to turn the person into a political blunderer, at least initially--even in ideal circumstances.
Someone should inform her that, sooner or later, the charm of the blunderer - whether gardener or governor - wears off.
There is no more fatal blunderer than he who consumes the greater part of his life getting his living.
It's swift slink, slow-motion stalk, incredibly competent and graceful springs, and its pound-for-pound strength, fighting power, and physical coordination in general make the greatest human athlete who ever lived seem like a lumbering blunderer.
DISGRACE Our story on his tirade yesterday PLEA Picket line kid CONCERN BBC chief Mark Thompson BLUNDERER Clarkson heads off to China
DANNY ALEXANDER really is as much of a blunderer as his puppet double, Beaker from the Muppet Show.
AIDEN McGEADY saved Celtic with a wonder-goal - but Gordon Strachan warned serial blunderer Artur Boruc that his latest gaffe could earn him the axe.
We were due the rough end of the stick on one of sport's grandest stages and we got it from Stuart Dickinson, the blunderer from Down Under, who disallowed a Mark Cueto try just after half-time and robbed England of the momentum at such a crucial stage.
Plus, there's the issue of multitasking, which can turn almost anyone into a forgetful blunderer," Budman writes.