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of white tinged with blue

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Clouds of bluish-white ceanothus hover north of the nursery in hills near where wildfires had raged in the fall.
Under the bluish-white glow of my LED headlamp, I followed an easy blood trail through the snow for a mere 48 paces before reaching my downed prize.
Most of the reindeer fell in the snow, spurting warm blood across the bluish-white surface.
Make sure it is firmly placed in the ground before planting vigorous rose varieties with pliant stems, such as the bluish-white, fragrant Mme Alfred Carriere or pink New Dawn.
As evidence that the plane was tampered with, they rely on reports that the smoke rising from the burning plane was bluish-white, rather than the black smoke that Fetzer asserts should have risen from a kerosene fuel-based fire.
When lime, or calcium oxide, is heated it gives off an intense, bluish-white light.
By utilizing such a process, the full potential of the fluorescent whitening agent is realized, so that a strong bluish-white effect is created when the printed piece is held under a black light.
Its full leather interior is highlighted by touches of chrome and bluish-white illuminated dials set within a deep blue background.
menziesii, can grow to 100ft and have dark oval leaves with bluish-white undersides, small orange fruit and shredding bark.
As well as flaunting two dust tails, it sported a ghostly bluish-white stream of charged particles, extending a third of the way across the sky (SN: 6/1/96, p.
The Upper Silurian includes the Engadine Group, consisting of a massive, hard, bluish-white dolomite, and the Point aux Chenes Shale, consisting of green and red shales, along with thin beds of dolomite and thin beds and small irregular masses of gypsum.
A bluish-white light similar in color to sunlight, the eLED UniLite creates good task area illumination for dark places like control panels, switch boards and reduces glare for co-workers.
The adult Asian longhorned beetle is three-quarters to one-and-a-quarter inches long, has a jet-black glossy body with white spots on each wing, and long, black and bluish-white antennae.
The radiant located near the brilliant bluish-white star Vega will be rising in the northeast direction approximately at the time evening twilight ends.
Some penguins, it turns out, become insane and abandon their group; we see footage of one penguin who stays put as others go on their way, and who eventually waggles, alone, toward the bluish-white horizon--where, Herzog's voice tells us with a hint of barely suppressed glee, "certain death" awaits.