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Synonyms for bluish-purple

of purple tinged with blue


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Sepals erect at anthesis and completely imbricate, 13-15 mm wide; petal apex bluish-purple N.
We hence designated these individuals as bluish-purple to be consistent with the description by Kobayashi and colleagues.
Histochemically, actinomycete filaments were colored deep bluish-purple with tissue Gram stain and deep Brown with Gomori Methenamine silver stain (Fig.
It features a bluish-purple horse grazing in a bed of giant red porcelain roses, mounted by a golden-haired boy-child drinking in the beauty of nature.
They are a wonderful bluish-purple," Willingham joked.
The dark bluish-purple liquid is a result of the juices used to create 180 Blue.
The paper surrounding the message should turn bluish-purple and the message should be clear to read.
Then there was Edward Hopper's majestic lighthouse, a white tower clad in a golden-yellowish light, completed by a steel bluish-purple shadow applied with the clarity of an eclipse.
The variety Alba produces pure white flowers and Mayii has cup-shaped bluish-purple blooms.
The variety ``Alba'' produces pure white flowers and ``Mayii'' has cup-shaped bluish-purple blooms.
Mr Parmar said Nico wore his glasses -which have bluish-purple tinted lenses -almost all the time.
Really bad bluish-purple under-eye circles or bruises?
Purple Amole (Chloroganum purpureum) A perennial in the lily family (Liliaceae), the purple amole grows from a bulb and produces bluish-purple flowers.
Then, after penetrating the wall at the Chien Men, the main gate, the Inner City was entered, with its brilliant red and bluish-purple red tile roofs and ornaments in gold.