bluish green

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Synonyms for bluish green

a blue-green color or pigment

of a bluish shade of green

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To arrange a private appointment to view the Fancy Intense Purple-Pink Diamond Ring and/or the Fancy Vivid Bluish Green Diamond Ring, please visit theoneandonlyone.
If you've got the correct fuel going to the engine, the fuel in the filter will be a bluish green.
It was bluish green, and it was there, together with "vermilion" and "sepia" and "gamboge" in the standard paint boxes that so many of us had as children.
This explains why the paintings of the Romanian painters had fewer variations from true green to bluish green and were less severely degraded to brown color than those mentioned previously.
Letts is at her best when describing the coastal scenery ("The hillsides were variegated, some fields of tall grass scattered profusely with goldenrod, others a harmonious blend of dense low-lying chaparral, bluish green to grey, like a natural patchwork") as well as in flashbacks to Clara's developing relationship with the brilliantly-drawn Gordon ("I was drowning in him, plunging somewhere deep and fast--on that same speedy trajectory that a car would take when the land beneath it disappeared, or an icy airplane that decided to drop from the sky").
DCC 4407 (pigment green 7) is a bluish green pigment designed for solvent-and water-based coating applications.
The company developed a range of fruit and seed snack bars using oats, rye and sesame seeds as well as nutrients like spirulina--a bluish green algae--and gingko biloba.
But there is a very fine ledge falls where the bluish green Metolius shoots through a slot just upstream from the bridge that crosses to the hatchery.
Grow both or substitute Blue Angel for Blue Princess if you want maximum berries or simply enjoy clipping the bluish green leaves to shape.
The conidiophores consisted of green to bluish green, uniseriate, short columnar conidial heads over hyaline to light green, smooth and thick-walled stipes, which measured 100 [micro]m-170 [micro]m x 3 [micro]m-4 [micro]m.
Manzanita foliage is either emerald or, as in the case of Arctostaphylos ``John Dourley,'' bluish green.
Split vertically, half of the angular facade is clad in ultra-white glass sandblasted with wedgelike patterns and thin horizontal bands that diffuse a more radiant light into the interior; the other half is clad in a bluish green glass, some of it opaque and some transparent.
Meat not adulterated with sulfites will remain a dark bluish green.