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a very fast American hound

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We are excited to start working with Bluetick and their RMC product, said Dave Smith, president of Stratus Electrical & Instrumentation.
That morning he walked the junkyard under a sun pale and flat as a nickel, the bluetick sniffing at his heels.
He also bred Bluetick coonhounds from a set of five English foxhounds given to him by the French General Lafayette in 1770.
Suriya the orang-utan and Roscoe the bluetick coonhound palled up after meeting at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
They hunt because they live, and they feel the blood rise with the moon and must run their bluetick hounds or set their traps.
According to the site, there are six breeds of coon hound breeds, which are considered among the most adept hunters: the English (redtick) coon Hound, the Black and Tan, the Bluetick, the Red Bone Coon Hound, the Treeing Walker and the Plott.