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Synonyms for blues

Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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Such a bluesy atmosphere will accompany some great Lebanese and Syrian cuisine at the Zaatar -- Food & Arts Project in Nicosia on Thursday when the Saxophone Quintet will perform it's From Rag Time to Jazz routine.
Through these bluesy summer channels God rock 'n' rolls his
When I was putting this together, everyone just jumped at it," said Batalla, a Los Angeles native who has been known to sing everything from traditional Latino music to bluesy ballads.
But it's the gays, who know a thing or two about a plague, who score the highest marks: Rufus Wainwright pays homage to the death of the firstborn with "Katonah," a bluesy elegy in three-quarter time, while Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields gets his Depeche Mode on for "The Meaning of Lice," a lo-fi synthpop romp of mechanized hand claps, monophonic melodies, and hilarious rhymes.
The singer-songwriter steps aside as a vocalist this time while presenting intriguing performances by Cassandra Wilson on the loving, longing "The Chosen," Lalah Hathaway on the bluesy "How Could Heaven Let You Go," and Sabina (of the Brazilian Girls) on the whimsical "Aquarium.
Okay, so maybe the record title wasn't the best they coulda come up with but the shit inside is on fire, with a few slowed down moments for the sake of bluesy dirge .
Made up of three brothers and a cousin, the Kings of Leon have built themselves a reputation for bluesy rock played with the taut energy of The Strokes.
Hirschfeld's Harlem is the artist's tribute to the famous neighborhood and the spirit that is Harlem--in all of its bluesy, legendary splendor.
GOMEZ: Shot Shot (Hut) - Bluesy boys get saxy for the new album.
In fact, the inversion of these intervals forms the basis of the entire accompaniment for Wistful Memories, and the bluesy Swingetude is based almost exclusively on these intervals.
At root GBM is always loud, raw, bluesy, and iconoclastic; it is a break with the status quo yet an extension of tradition; it is democratic in execution yet solicitous of the unique contribution of the individual; and it is celebratory of the present and adaptive to current conditions hence the emphasis on compositional and articulational improvisation (i.
In her newest CD, Christmas Means Love, Joan Osborne adds a bluesy beauty to seasonal tunes like "Great Day in December" and "Santa Claus Baby.
Join the boys who have a passion for music on Friday, for a bluesy night and lots of wine.
Of the rest of the 17 tracks (you need stamina or Red Bull here) Nerve Damage boasts a bluesy guitar solo, and soft rock shuffle It Is What It Is featured in the Vampire Diaries final.
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes bring a bluesy sense of soul and an exciting feel for swing to their big band performances, ripping a sound from the early 20th century and reminding the listener just why this music was so popular in the first place.