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I sometimes press the seam allowances toward the jeans, and then topstitch through the bluejean section, to further strengthen the skirt.
In 1995, after a three-year battle, the Partnership succeeded in removing a garish, six-story billboard at 22 West 34th Street advertising Levi's bluejeans.
Far from seeming like an ogre, Gardner, wearing wrinkled bluejeans that day and a white shirt that curved around his slight paunch, came across as kind.
All of the witnesses agreed that the gunman was a black man, who wore a dark colored shirt, bluejeans, and his hair in "plaits.
In a sleepy little southern town of 2,500 where economic security comes from manufacturing nightgowns and bluejeans, how could an 18-year-old high school senior have such an opportunity"
All the men are wearing white shirts and ties; no bluejeans, standard dress for many of the newsroom denizens today.
Tables held stacks of clean bluejeans, T-shirts and toiletries.
Frost & Sullivan has observed a similar shift to the cloud in the videoconferencing segment, with solutions from vendors such as BlueJeans starting to become more prominent.
He was last seen wearing a dark stocking cap, dark jacket, worn bluejeans and mirror-tinted glasses.
For personal stationery and cards, consider tree-free papers made from cotton, flax, kenaf, hemp, or bamboo, and recycled fibers taken from everything from bluejeans to dollar bills.
He was described as a Latino in his early 20s wearing a black baseball hat, blue shirt and bluejeans.
Along with his black leather jacket he wore bluejeans and scuffed black engineer boots.
The EVC900 is an all-inclusive full HD video conferencing system, able to connect up to 10 endpoints including other video conferencing systems, or cloud service providers such as StarLeaf, BlueJeans, Zoom, Fuze, or services using Acano, Pexip and more.
Today, made-in-America bluejeans sewn using old-fashioned, Draper-loom denim are fetching high prices, generally from small-scale retailers.