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of the color intermediate between green and violet


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Samsung Galaxy S3 lovers have no longer to wait for the device to be officially launched in the Sultanate as Omantel will be among the first operators in the region to launch this stunning smartphone and is offering the first 50 customers pre-ordering the device not only the opportunity to be among the first to own it but also getting Samsung introductory package that include one extra battery, one extra charger, two slim covers (Transparent and blueish transparent) and one flip cover (Blue or White).
They were leaning against the wooden railing with their arms crossed, talking quietly and looking out at the beach, dotted here and there with a blueish bubble of a Portuguese man-of-war washed ashore by the storm.
Their surface is an even grey with a darker blueish grey coming through the brush strokes.
Other inshore players in the Southwest region this month include redfish, trout and cobia on the flats, pompano and blueish on bars along the ICW and sheepshead bunched around piers, docks and rocks.
he was limp, his skin was blueish, he was unable to breath, and he did not exhibit the neonatal suck, grasp, or startle reflexes.
The "octoroon pianist" (whose last name, Keiler, means "wild boar" in German) "assemble[s] a series of sausage arms and bolster legs" before her "tiny hands like blueish mice dart .
Dark green with a blueish tone, it has very strong branches and does not easily shed its needles.
The centerpiece of Yael Pardess' scenery is a blueish ramplike cliff with a circular opening.
Most people consider urban camo to be a business suit, not a battle dress uniform of mottled blueish grays and whites.
The bear showed reddish yellow against blueish snow, surrounded by the barking huskies Johnathon had unharnessed from the sled after saying simply, "There is bear," Thomas speeding ahead again on the machine.
Ties were reddish, blueish, yellowish and back to reddish again.
The products feature rounded edges and soft, blueish accent colors on an off-white base.
Photos in the shade often give people a blueish cast, and indoor shots can make them downright orange.
Maybe Mr Kelly should look beyond his blueish nose to see the bigger picture.