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Khadeja [female, Lebanese origin, bluecollar father] described the term un-Australian as:
bluecollar folks mostly, of varied colors and both genders.
13] Although the addition of this variable reduces coefficient estimates of UNION and BLUECOLLAR and increases standard errors of these coefficients, indicating that these measures are correlated with TIME, results in general are robust to inclusion of the trend variable.
In addition, women in bluecollar jobs reported higher levels of work enjoyment because of meeting people on the job and having pride in being able to hold a job and support their families (Burns, 1991).
Raised in a bluecollar home, she was the only one of Al and Nell Caldwell's four children to complete college.
BlueCollar Software has won the award for Everything I Own
And Alice McKeage, cofounder of the gay employee group at Ford, is also pleased, though she realizes that there are limits to how much Gilmour can help: "I'm really proud of him, but down in the bluecollar plant atmosphere, we still have people who think it's OK to harass people.
Unions have their own role to play as defenders of workers, whether white- or bluecollar.
For example, the clothes of bluecollar workers may be covered with contaminated dust particles, which can be transferred to other members of the family when their garments are laundered in the same washing machine.
In general, white-collar and bluecollar workers are about equally likely to be covered by an employer-provided health care plan.
What about 1948, when a cutting remark by Thomas Dewey about his "idiot" railroad engineer alienated countless bluecollar workers?
This goes back centuries - this anxiety among male writers that what they're doing is somehow sissified, because they're writing, not fighting, and then the compensation for that is to treat writing or filmmaking as if it were some sort of male ritual, and to be more macho and more testosterone-ridden in their approach than a man who's doing a bluecollar or more physical job.
The students were in three special education classrooms at the same junior high school located in a bluecollar, lower-middle socioeconomic status (SES), industrial town in the greater Chicago area.
And about 1/4 of Ashkenazim, compared with nearly 1/2 of Mizrahim and over 70% of Arabs are bluecollar workers.
Another example would be a bluecollar worker in Germany who drinks an average beer, price-wise, during the week, but then would show off with a higher-class beer during the weekends or when friends visited.