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an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

blowfly with iridescent blue body

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Cape Town, Dec 21(ANI): South African bowler Dale Steyn has been stung by bluebottles on the seaside, ahead of South Africa's second Test against Sri Lanka at Durban.
Hanlin and McClurg have found that houseflies and bluebottle flies do quite well on broad, simple flower heads, such as carrot flowers, but not as well with complex blooms.
The Goons became a national institution during the 1950s when their shows were first broadcast and the characters they created, like Bluebottle and Eccles, became household names.
It detects pressures well below the pressure exerted by a 20 milligram bluebottle fly carcass we experimented with, and does so with unprecedented speed," said Zhenan Bao, an associate professor of chemical engineering who led the research.
split-seconds tormented them like the strange bluebottle flies
Brushing away bluebottle corpses, and shredding the wrapping, I discovered a stack of hardboiled hardbacks.
Brushing away bluebottle corpses and shredding the wrapping, I discovered a stack of hardboiled hardbacks.
I still recall vividly the appalling stench on hot summer days from the Birmingham Hide Skin and Bone Company abattoir; the distressed residents in their fly and bluebottle infested homes having to suffer 24/7.
ads and corporate memos, transcripts, bluebottle flies, and other uncategorizable weirdness in a story (or something like a story) about Jiri Cech, a Czech poet or businessman or some other undefined thing, whom the narrator presents as an object of repulsion but who was clearly, at some point in the past, something like a lover.
In 2004 artist Stuart Pearson Wright unveiled a portrait depicting the bare-chested Duke with a bluebottle fly on his shoulder and a sprig of cress between his fingers.
The 10-1 shot was ridden just off the pace set by Wilson Bluebottle but readily swallowed up that rival in the final furlong and strode out well for a
Bluebottle Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian spam-resistant email service, threw in the towel this week.
A few pages later, Dos Passos describes him: "The blood ran into the ground, the brains oozed out of the cracked skull and were licked up by the trenchrats, the belly swelled and raised a generation of bluebottle flies, and the incorruptible skeleton, and the scraps of dried viscera and skin bundled in khaki.
Children can help Constable Bluebottle track down the "spiv" selling contraband sweets and silk stockings or challenge themselves on the assault course.