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fruit-eating mostly brilliant blue songbird of the East Indies

blue North American songbird

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Mattel's offer is worth 111p a share, and trumps the 101p bid tabled by Guinness Peat which owns 22 per cent of Bluebird.
The method of reviving the population of the American bluebird is simple -- we need to provide it with suitable nesting environments.
For the record, Walmart and American Express said that the funds put on a Bluebird card will never be taken and that the funds enjoy the same fraud protections that funds on regular American Express cards and other American Express prepaid card products have.
Bluebird, a sand mining and processing plant on 11 acres just north of Mount Pleasant, built a holding and recycling pond for processing wastewater in December 2009 without obtaining the proper permits, ADEQ said.
The wreck of the Bluebird was recovered from the lake in 2001 by diver
Among western bluebirds, the scrappier males push into new territory first.
Mr Villa said he turned to a colleague and by the time he had turned back to look at Bluebird she had ``disappeared in a huge cloud of spray.
By the 1970s many young people had never seen a bluebird.
Troubled Bluebird slammed the bid from investor GPG, which already owns more than 22 per cent of its shares, as Being "nothing more than opportunistic".
At the heart of bluebird bio's product creation efforts is its broadly applicable gene therapy platform for the development of novel treatments for diseases with few or no clinical options.
Fortunately, that trend has been reversed, thanks in part to members of the Mountain Bluebird Trails, a loose-knit group of bluebird lovers dedicated to increasing bluebird populations in the West.
Bluebird provides Metro Ethernet, WAN Ethernet and private-line optical services in the Midwestern US, and operates the combined networks of Bluebird Media Network, Missouri Network Alliance (MNA), and Illinois Network Alliance (INA).
There's the bluebird of happiness, and the question that Judy Garland posed in "The Wizard of Oz": "If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can't I?
That ill-fated day Campbell was out on the Lake District's Coniston Water in Bluebird K7, a remake of Campbell's previous boat the Bluebird K4 but with the engine of a jet aircraft, attempting to break his own speed record.
5 million CAD, and will be funded by Bluebird throughout the course of the partnership.