blue-winged teal

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American teal

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Mallards and green-winged teal at record highs; blue-winged teal near their record.
Blue-winged Teal eggs are reported as light buff-tan (Bennett 1938), creamy tan (Glover 1956, Palmer et al.
We ended the evening with fine cigars, bourbon, and smoked, whole-plucked blue-winged teal.
However, apparent AIV prevalence by rRT-PCR was significantly higher only for juvenile blue-winged teal and northern shovelers (online Appendix Tables 7, 8).
Gadwalls were up 96 percent; northern shoveler numbers were up 206 percent; the pintail count was 185 percent higher this year than it was in 2013; and blue-winged teal were up 421 percent.
The first duck I can remember killing was a blue-winged teal.
The truth is that until a few years ago, 'teal' were considered the same species all over the northern hemisphere, it's just that Americans gave theirs the 'green-winged' prefix to separate it from a blue-winged teal.
The blue-winged teal, which is the most common of the teal species in Ohio, is a very early migrant.
HUNTER: Tony Sines, Zanesville, OH BAND #: 0975-67345 SPECIES: Blue-winged Teal (M) BANDED: 08/09/2010 LOCATION: E Of Plumas, MB RECOVERED: 01/19/2014 LOCATION: South Bay, FL
The farm operator identified the American widgeon, Eurasion widgeon, blue-winged teal, and green-winged teal as hatch-year birds.
But she prevailed, and by the time she swam back with the third bird, our hunting party laid a fine drake mallard and one more blue-winged teal smack in the middle of our decoys.
Once he finished, I introduced him to his first bird, a blue-winged teal.
Blue-winged teal are down 16 percent from last year, but are 60 percent above the LTA.