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Synonyms for blue-gray

of grey tinged with blue

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I always say the blue in blue pine should be in quotes because it can be blue but more often it's a gray or blue-gray.
His physical examination revealed tachycardia 1110 beats/min), increased pulse pressure (BP: 140/60 mmHg), and blue-gray pigmentation of the face (figure 1).
The blue-gray gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) occurs widely in North America.
The other 20% of the flooring is a darker blue-gray limestone that also contains ammonoids and belemnoids.
Silvery Dymondia margaretae, planted in patches and as a path edging, unifies all the foliage--from agave to senecio to lavender--with blue-gray tones.
Color is drained from the images until a kind of steely, blue-gray version of the ``This-Is-The-Past'' sepia effect is achieved.
At the same time, the overall application of a chilled designerly palette of white, blue-gray, cerise, and ocher holds it all together as a gestalt, a floating, brainlike mass.
Madison Court's neutral, blue-gray scroll pattern is accented with subtle shadings of lavender and green, and has a contrasting accent plate.
Stripes and dots develop within clear or sometimes yellow regions where concentrations of iodide are low; darker, blue-gray patches form where concentrations of iodide are high.
If the defect is a hole, does it have a shiny or blue-gray lining?
In this case, the bite may cause a lesion on the skin that is blue-gray or blue-white and ranges in size from an adult's thumbnail to the span of a hand.
Designed to appeal to adults, they come in six colors - maroon, teal, blue-gray, beige, gold and brown.
The blue-gray palette includes wedges of white Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco' and blue-gray S.
Varying shades of blue-gray casually cover, or nearly cover, undercoats of gold, intense blue, or paler gray, providing a degree of difference from painting to painting.
Delta serves as the official airline for a number of major bowl games throughout the country, including the Rose Bowl, the USF&G Sugar Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the California Raisin Bowl, the Gator Bowl, the Independence Bowl, the Blockbuster Bowl, the Senior Bowl, the All American Bowl, the Pigskin Classic and the Blue-Gray All Star Football Classic.