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By the time the Christopher had gotten close enough to get really chummy, it turned out the blue whale was not alone.
Nicogel is distributed by Blue Whale Worldwide, the parent company of Blue Whale, LLC and Nicogel USA, LLC, and is currently available in 38 countries.
Not only is the plankton-feeding blue whale the largest animal on Earth, it's also the loudest.
SPY devices once used to track Soviet submarines have revealed that blue whales, the world's largest mammals, are living off Scotland's coasts.
The suction cup had to be dinner-plate-size for the blue whale.
Blue Whale Re is a single parent captive of Pfizer, the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company.
The team of international scientists will use underwater acoustic technology to listen for humpback and Antarctic blue whales around the Balleny Islands and in the Ross Sea.
He added: "In 2008 and 2009 we had two photographic sightings of blue whales and one of my students came back from a recent expedition and said he thought he spotted a blue whale out there.
Buddhist monk Khen Rinpoche will lead monks and visitors in meditation under the iconic 94-foot Blue Whale.
AUSTIN, Texas, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Whale Moving Company,
The Southern Hemisphere population of the blue whale, the largest mammal on Earth, could become extinct within the next decade.
Guts and gore aside, this story is about the Blue whale and what this project will mean to the North Atlantic population.
KUWAIT, March 1 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) urged authorities to make use of the recently beached blue whale at Failaka Island as an educational tool for students and the public alike, a statement by the Society said on Saturday.
Black Panda helps Blue Whale decide how to rescue Silver Bunny and neutralize the Kappa by spitting them out is blow hole towards land.
An international group of scientists including Monash University's Dr Alistair Evans proposed a new theory explaining the diversity of mammal sizes - from the Etruscan shrew which weighs around two grams, to the blue whale which clocks in at almost 200 tonnes.