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the secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers

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You step out of your back door into a bland blue wall.
Recall, for example, the Equality of Opportunity Project's findings that the largest long-term declines in upward mobility had occurred in the middle classes in the Rust Belt states--precisely where the Blue Wall collapsed.
While there is a lot of hands in air or out in front (somewhat zombielike) this stylised chorus choreography mirrored the starkness of the designs, a simple blue wall for the Hebrews (also dressed and made up in blue and green) - redolent of the Wailing Wall - and a red wall for the Egyptians (similarly coloured red and ochre), bleachers and a large table.
When Liverpool got the ball, they were always a long way from goal with a blue wall in front.
Goodbye annoying small kitchen and f*** off horrible blue wall paper.
So Republicans should welcome to their nomination competition any candidate who might remove from the blue wall such bricks as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
AW, Gosforth, Newcastle Night Wings THE tortoiseshell in the room Fluttering around the light As though it's an electric moon Flashes of orange On fragile wings Around in circles the butterfly goes Before settling on the blue wall Taking off again towards the window Out into the shadows of night The tortoiseshell flutters away Leaving behind a feeling of awe.
They, too, were ensconced in the blue wall culture, some with hopes of advancing their careers in police work, fearful that taking a stand would harm them.
50; cream tealight lantern, PS12; wood boat, PS14; photo frame, PS12; lighthouse, PS20, all Debenhams Ocean colour scene A BOLD blue wall adds instant coastal BOLD appeal to a modern white bathroom, while the wooden stool and porthole-shaped mirror provide a touch of nautical charm.
A vivid blue wall delivers drama--without taking up any space--in this pocket-size garden in Los Angeles designed by Rob Steiner.
The Blue Wall States Democrats have won in all of the past five elections 2012 Obama's Latest Electoral rating, available College Gallup Obama approval votes (Jan-June) California * 55 53% 46% (August) Connecticut * 7 60 50 (September) Delaware * 3 59 -- District of Columbia 3 83 -- Hawaii 4 56 56 (October) Illinois * 20 54 50 (October) Maine * 4 50 47 (October) Maryland * 10 59 49 (October) Massachusetts 11 57 57 (July) Michigan * 16 50 50 (July) Minnesota 10 52 -- New Jersey * 14 54 48 (November) New York 29 57 50 (September) Oregon 7 44 -- Pennsylvania * 20 48 42 (November) Rhode Island 4 50 -- Vermont * 3 54 53 (July) Washington 12 50 -- Wisconsin 10 50 44 (August) Total Electoral Votes in 2012: 242 Note: For the sources used for this table, see page 2.
Whether it is on the closet or the blue wall next to it, there are a number of green bits apparently shooting out of the work, like errant shards of paint.
this bright blue wall clock is synchronised to the lunar cycle and flags up high tide and low tide, and chimes to complement a coastal-style room set.
The blue wall of silence; the Morris Tribunal and police accountability in Ireland.