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the secrecy of police officers who lie or look the other way to protect other police officers

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A vivid blue wall delivers drama--without taking up any space--in this pocket-size garden in Los Angeles designed by Rob Steiner.
this bright blue wall clock is synchronised to the lunar cycle and flags up high tide and low tide, and chimes to complement a coastal-style room set.
The blue wall of silence; the Morris Tribunal and police accountability in Ireland.
He sat behind a table for the 26-minute hearing and appeared on the screen in front of a blue wall.
City subsequently killed the game, with Stoke allowed to keep the ball but faced with a light blue wall and rarely threatening GivenAAEs goal after his save from Beattie.
It is as visionary as the medieval Rood, set against a robin's egg blue wall, with a shape suggesting several forms simultaneously: an ankh, a saguaro cactus, steer horns, even an exotic melding of a Mexican candelabra and a Jewish menorah.
Among the highlights is the opening of a back panel to reveal a huge blue wall, the Mississippi River, as Huck and Jim launch their raft to the strains of ``Old Muddy Water.
However, don't think this was a lucky draw as Ian Bennett had possibly his easiest day's work of the season with Arsenal failing to pierce the brick blue wall all afternoon.
Pressure on the left wing involving Kevin Keegan and Mark Glendinning eventually earned a 25-yards free kick but Gary Smyth blasted the ball off the blue wall.
A Blue Wall of Silence - False Confessions" David S.
An impression of lateral thrust is reinforced inside the entrance by Simon Patterson's inscribed blue wall, that shoots through glass at the side to screen a kitchen terrace outside and wc inside.
Yet he insists that even systemic outrages such as police brutality and gratuitous racial profiling--and monstrosities such as the lynching of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas (which prompted swift convictions and an outpouring of local white contrition) and New York's Abner Louima case (which broke the blue wall of silence and sent the cop who'd tortured him to prison for 30 years)--are horrific precisely because they stand out against a backdrop of steady improvement whose breakthroughs are so unexpected they're often denied.
Chief meteorologist Alan Greenspan, with pointers and clickers, explains global market warming, working backwards in front of a blank blue wall.
I use it to enhance the many features throughout the bathroom like the lights along the baseboard of the tube that emphasizes the blue wall covering to creating the perfect glow by using LED lights behind the wall mirrors.
The wild cat is sitting on a pre-existing yellow painted line on a blue wall, located across the road from the New York Yankees stadium.