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European violet typically having purple to white flowers

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Mitel says it has already attracted much interest from the channel, including from partners Blue Violet Networks, Core Technologies, Eon Networks, Fulton Communications, JEM Communications, Qbase, Towner Communications Systems, Transwest and TSI Global Companies.
During the fashion show, Young stunned all in a blue violet printed dress.
The blue violet concentrate is then injected into the clear serum to form the infusion.
Check out their glitter eyeshadow pot in rich purple (pounds 15), greasepaint stick in bright blue violet (pounds 13) and For Fun nail lacquer in rich purple (pounds 8).
We like Fashion Groupie, pounds 11, a light blue violet, and Grand Entrance, a frosty neutral peach beige, from House of Fraser, Glasgow.
When the butterfly's eggs hatch into caterpillars, they eat the only the leaves of their host plant, the early blue violet, which has been in decline.
His little pug nose was freckled, and he had reddish hair and dark blue eyes on account of which Miss Smith, his maternal aunt, called him Blue Violet when he was little.