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European violet typically having purple to white flowers

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We like Fashion Groupie, pounds 11, a light blue violet, and Grand Entrance, a frosty neutral peach beige, from House of Fraser, Glasgow.
When the butterfly's eggs hatch into caterpillars, they eat the only the leaves of their host plant, the early blue violet, which has been in decline.
His little pug nose was freckled, and he had reddish hair and dark blue eyes on account of which Miss Smith, his maternal aunt, called him Blue Violet when he was little.
Endangered Species Act, now remaining in only a few sites due to habitat loss and the loss of the butterfly's host plant, the western blue violet.
As with other blue laser formats (and like HD-DVD), BD technology utilizes a shorter wavelength--405 nanometer blue violet laser--that, when combined with a higher numerical aperture and tighter track pitch, enables greatly improved bit density on the 120mm disc.
In fact the muted colors of the red, black, brownish yellow, brown, pink, green, and blue violet forms were not applied with a brush or a palette knife, nor were they printed.
Previously the group had developed a blue violet laser which could only work at temperatures of minus 200C, but the process has been refined and new materials added to allow room-temperature operation.