blue runner

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fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil

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Caption: Christian Aleman with a jumbo black grouper caught off a Dry Tortugas area reef on a live blue runner.
The same spots that are productive for snapper fishing are also good places to freeline a live cigar minnow, blue runner, menhaden or pinfish.
When last seen she was wearing a white belly top, blue jeans and pink, white and blue runners.
Blue runners, jack crevalle, lesser amberjacks and yellow jacks swim from one reef to the next.
He was last seen clean- shaven, wearing a black bomber jacket, dark blue denim jeans, dark blue runners and a two-tone brown jumper.
I prefer to use live bait, like speedos, blue runners, goggle-eyes, and other baits around that size.
Wearing a blue Adidas tracksuit, a Nike T-shirt and blue runners, O'Neill can be seen smiling for the camera in the sitting room of a house.
Farther out, within casting range on the pier or jetty, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jack crevalle, blue runners and possibly king mackerel will be available.
She shouted at the boy, described as having fair hair and wearing blue runners, and he climbed back out.
Small tuna, dolphin and blue runners are staples on a wahoo's menu.
He was last spotted wearing a fawn-coloured jumper, black tracksuit bottoms and blue runners.
Pier and jetty fishermen will have plenty of opportunities for catching Spanish mackerel, bluefish, maybe a king mackerel, jack crevalles, blue runners, the first runs of pompano, sharks, tarpon and snook.
One man had grey-white hair, was about 5ft 10ins and wearing dark leggings and a similar top while the second had dark grey hair and was wearing blue runners with a green stripe.
When blue runners show up in the chum and start savaging your snapper baits don't cuss, take advantage.