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a blue flag with a white square in the center indicates that the vessel is ready to sail

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DOING THEIR BIT: More help for Romania - Golcar Junior and Infant School pupils helped boost the Blue Peter TV appeal for aid to Romanian children.
Everyone has heard of the show and I now feel part of an elite club of Blue Peter badge owners.
Middlesbrough-born Emma Bensley has made a 10-strong shortlist to join the team of children's show Blue Peter.
Baker has previously featured in a Blue Peter film in which he rode with the Household Cavalry, but he and his fellow presenters have recently been getting first-hand experience of a number of sports, including athletics, rugby and bobsleighing.
He joined Blue Peter last February but then earned a reputation as a boozer with co-host Stuart Miles.
Surrounded by the Blue Peter team, YoHans & Craig Yo-Yoed with a passion, performing feats including Gravity Pull, Three Leaf Clover, Walk the Dog and Eating Spaghetti all at lightening speed.
Blue Peter selected two of the 10 schools to film pupils critically evaluating each of the books.
BLUE Peter presenters past and present today met the Queen to celebrate the landmark programme's 50th anniversary.
We all feel we know areas such as the Blue Peter garden and the studios where people have watched significant moments in broadcasting over the last 50 years - from early Doctor Who to Top Of The Pops, Terry Wogan and Children In Need.
His spokesman said: "He has had dozens of offers (of work) and the time nowfeels right for him to build on the success of Blue Peter and strictly Come Dancing.
From the entries 25 children were chosen to go to the Blue Peter studio to meet the popular author.
The TV pumps hours of rubbish into our homes (Spongebob Sguarepants is a particular bugbear) while great stuff like Blue Peter is under threat.
Salmon stood next to her cradling Socks, the Blue Peter cat that viewers were asked to name originally in the poll.
ALYN and Deeside MP Mark Tami has joined forces with Blue Peter in launching a national appeal for shoes on behalf of children's charity Unicef.
AFTER eight years on Blue Peter, sexy Konnie Huq has decided it's time to take a big leap into the unknown.