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BEIRUT: "We didn't use to hear the bombings because the players were so loud," Blue Note CafAaAaAeA@ owner Khaled Nazha joked.
Originally a made-for-television movie, Blue Note is highly accessible to a general audience, and notably gives extensive space for interludes of music, accompanied by film excerpts and Wolff's photos.
Appropriate to this American story, two of the founding figures of Blue Note were immigrants.
Marsalis is promising to fill the evening's repertoire with gems from the classic era of 1950s and 60s Blue Note vinyl.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, a supplier of mobile audio and in-vehicle entertainment and infotainment systems, has signed a contract with jazz record label, Blue Note Records.
During the course of the last few months, Blue Note has aggressively been pursuing project financing opportunities and completion of the updated prefeasibility study will enable Blue Note to further advance discussions with potential project financing partners that have been identified.
The Blue Note is a new cafe bistro in Dundee on the Perth Road.
Renowned as one of the world's greatest jazz singers and a best-selling member of the Blue Note label roster of recording artists, Stacey (pictured below) now boasts six best-selling albums and a string of awards, including the British Jazz Award for Best Vocals and Album of the Year.
Blue Note Mining Inc (NEX: BN), a Canada-based exploration company, has announced an extension of creditor protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act.
CASSANDRA WILSON Closer To You : The Pop Side ( Blue Note) GRAMMY Award winning jazz songbird Cassandra Wilson collects together pop covers plucked from her Blue Note back catalogue, caressing each with her warm, soulful vocal.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of Blue Note Records, one of the most influential jazz record labels in history.
Mike Carr's Blue Note Band plays the LBT Cellar on April 14 as part of the Huddersfield Jazz season.
Sensing the formula was ripe for revamping, EMI's Blue Note Group decided to take a different tack in launching a roster of PBS-ready singers.
Nigel Kennedy - The Blue Note Sessions (Blue Note 57050 2)
Close to such famous music spots as The Blue Note, The Bitter End, and Kenny's Castaways, the area has lively seven-day a week activity both night and day.