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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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The histologic differential diagnosis of hyalinizing Spitz nevus includes dermatofibroma, desmoplastic cellular blue nevus, metastatic carcinoma, and malignant melanoma.
3) Similar to the lesion elsewhere, microscopically the blue nevus of the prostate consists of stromal cells that contain finely granular brown or black pigment, which may also be seen in the extracellular matrix.
The differential diagnosis of blue nevus of the prostate includes other melanin-containing lesions, as well as nonmelanin-containing pigmented lesions.
The presence of stromal pigment obviously overlaps with blue nevus making the distinction (if needed) sometimes difficult.
As noted earlier, a CD68 immunostain can also be used to highlight the hemosiderin-laden macrophages but will not be reactive in the blue nevus cells.
14) Histologic features of a common blue nevus may be seen at the periphery of a cellular blue nevus.
9,14) Whether DPN is a variant of blue nevus or a distinctive entity in its own right remains controversial.
Blue nevus (BN) is a common specimen in routine pathology practice.
Blue nevus is a frequent component of a combined nevus.
103) To the best of our knowledge, there are no reports of patients with Carney complex with epithelioid blue nevus who are either undergoing SLNB or developing nodal or other metastases.
Epithelioid blue nevus and psammomatous melanotic schwannoma: the unusual pigmented skin tumors of the Carney complex.
9) Sclerosing and hypopigmented blue nevus is another potential simulator of DMM.
4,11,14-19) The usual lack of HMB-45 expression is especially helpful in distinguishing DMM from sclerosing blue nevus, which is consistently labeled for that marker.
Young LC, Van Dyke GS, Lipton S, Binder SW: Poliosis overlying a nevus with blue nevus features.