blue murder

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an extravagantly loud outcry

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Drummer Carmine Appice and bassist Tony Franklin reunite for the first time since Blue Murder, delivering the precise ear drum shattering rhythm section expected of both journeymen.
BLUE'S CRUISE: Scream Blue Murder can land the Cork Sprint Stakes
If Cry Blue Murder were to offer a cautionary element it would not be for teenagers but for adults.
I know how hard it is to have a clingy child and she might scream blue murder when you leave the house but it's OK to leave her with her grandparents so you can have a night out with your husband.
THE creator of TV police drama series, Blue Murder, paid a visit to a St Helens library to mark World Book Day.
Blue Murder Ugly Betty (9pm) Janine desperately tries to sort things out with her son Tom whilst heading up a tough murder enquiry.
BLUE MURDER, ITV1, Monday, 9pm: The city cops dig out their wellies for a trip to the country, to investigate the murder of a vet who seems to have been a pillar of the community.
The likes of Sour Rangers (Celtic to win to nil) and Blue Murder (Celtic to win by more than one goal) cater for backers of Martin O'Neill's men, while Power Rangers (Rangers to win by more than one goal) and Hooping Cough (Rangers to score more than three goals), among others, are for those who fancy the home side.
REACTION: SEE PULL-OUT blue murder Yaya Toure celebrates his goal in Manchester City's thrashing of Norwich MANCHESTER CITY 7 NORWICH CITY 0 FULHAM 1 MANCHESTER UNITED 3
The authors of Cry Blue Murder have created a book brimming with evil.
When you consider the shocking violence that we see on our TV screens every time we switch on, nothing is said about this, and yet the moment there is any sign of sexual activity, for some reason, everybody throws their arms in the air and starts crying blue murder.
They are the same institutions who brought the economy to its knees and are still getting off with blue murder.
The monetarists will scream blue murder but there is no logic to their objections.
Today we have all these businessmen screaming blue murder, or should that be red, about a rise in national insurance contributions, claiming it will cost jobs, as they did when the minimum wage was introduced and as they will, no doubt, about anything that squeezes their big fat cat bonuses.