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a long time

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a long time

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Stargazers were treated to a rare lunar trifecta - total lunar eclipse, supermoon, and blue moon - Wednesday night as they watched the 'Super Blue Blood Moon' like this as seen from Las Pin?
The eclipse, according to Nasa, would be "extra special" for those in the US and other parts of the world, where the blue moon coincided with a total lunar eclipse to become a "super blue blood moon".
Moreover, it is going to be the first blue moon eclipse in 2018, and this is why many are calling it as 'Super Blue Blood Moon'.
In Asia, the last Blue Moon and a total lunar eclipse happened 35 years ago on December 30, 1982.
The blue moon or supermoon is the brightest kind of moon to the point where looking at it for too long, just like the sun, can be dangerous," John said.
With this definition our next blue moon is in March, leaving February with no full moon this year.
Informing this, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has said in a statement that people in Qatar have a good chance to see the Blue Moon from the evening of January 31, Wednesday, until the next morning.
Tribune News Network Doha RESIDENTS of Qatar will witness the first blue moon of the year on January 31, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) said on Wednesday.
This January, the moon will be looking particularly bright and big as the UK will see a blue moon lunar eclipse for the first time in 150 years.
Now, a second second super moon is set to appear again on January 31 - and this spectacle is the so-called Blue Moon.
The next event, the so-called Blue Moon, is expected to take place on January 31.
31 eclipse will involve a Blue Moon, which is what the second full moon of a month is called.
Astrology lovers can look forward to a bright new year, with the arrival of a blue moon in 2018.
has acquired Washington, US-based financial planning company Blue Moon Wealth Advisory LLC, to expand presence in the Pacific Northwest area of the US, the company said.