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an indelicate joke

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It revealed that crowds in Glasgow and Brighton were most likely to hear blue jokes coming from the stage while drinkers in Leeds and Norwich would be more welcoming to comedians than hardened hecklers in Swansea and Wolverhampton.
But the Lancashire comedian, famous for his blue jokes, turned the offer down.
He's had mix ups about shows in the past, with some hilarious consequences, like preparing blue jokes for a respectable after-dinner function and turning up to a millionaire's house with the wrong comedy act.
If you are turned off by soap star panto and blue jokes but love the traditional shows which used to entrance us as children you would be mad to miss this.
He cracked blue jokes about gays and mimicked foreign golfers - especially Japanese.
At the same table was Chewin' the Fat star Karen Dunbar - who had been warned to avoid blue jokes in her after dinner speech.
Funnyman Jim will have them rolling in the aisles and, as this is strictly a family affair, he won't be cracking any blue jokes.
A STREAM of blue jokes at a children's panto left parents in the audience red-faced.
COMIC Jim Davidson faced the wrath of a seaside audience over his blue jokes - because there weren't enough of them.
But no-one cares in the City camp when this win takes them out of the bottom three and returns respectability to a side who have been the butt of too many Blue jokes.
But there has been no hiding place in a home city where blue jokes have all included James in the wicked punchline.
The men dragged deep on roll-up cigarettes, traded blue jokes and hollow banter, the better to hide their feelings from the cameras.
Never resorting to bad language or blue jokes, his shows have always been great for all ages.
They had orchestral concerts and refined comedians who didn't tell blue jokes about little sticks of Blackpool rock.
They'll hear blue jokes and anti-feminist nonsense, the puerile mindset of superannuated schoolboys.