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The Blue Jeans Go Green(TM) initiative brings the environmental gains of U.
Through Level 3's Cloud Connect ecosystem, enterprises can now securely access global cloud-based communication services, such as those provided by Blue Jeans Network, via a single multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network connection.
He was wearing a black hooded top with hood up and blue jeans.
From mobile to desktop to the conference room, AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans gives people the tools they need to collaborate over video, virtually whenever and wherever.
e Swinging Blue Jeans has been led by Alan Lovell, faithfully carrying on the long tradition of the band.
Additionally, hotel guests can access the Blue Jeans video conferencing service via tablet computers and/or laptops in guest rooms.
behind Blue Jeans, said there is excessive noise from The Loft, a related bar next to Blue Jeans, when the Loft's customers leave between 11p.
MUSIC lovers can enjoy the swinging sixties at the Dovehouse Theatre in Solihull when the Swinging Blue Jeans take to the stage on October 15.
approximately half of the population of most countries around the world is wearing blue jeans on any given day.
24, 2010 (CENS)--Amid apparently brisk sales in its first retailer in Taipei, UNIQLO, Japan's most popular garment brand, recently placed orders for blue jeans with Nien Hsing Textile Co.
6 meters tall, bald with a dark complexion who was wearing a brown sweater, a black jacket and blue jeans.
The man was wearing blue jeans, a black jacket with a detachable badge on the sleeve, a blue and white checked shirt, a flat black cap and white trainers.
Middle-class young men, for their part, wore blue jeans, not vaqueros: they sought out the imported American brands and, in doing so, constructed a way of signaling class and cultural distinctions among boys.
He had a shaved head and wore a white collarless V-neck shirt and blue jeans.