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a variety of Arctic fox having a pale grey winter coat

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Influence of protein level and supplementary L-methionine and lysine on growth performance and fur quality of blue fox (Alopexlagopus).
The system will help pool owners to ensure safety of their children," Heinz Ruchti- CEO, Blue Fox, told Khaleej Times.
But the Ryan family went to Blue Fox, and that closed just two years ago (it's now a Barista) and Skyroom (which closed just four years ago and is now a Reliance jewellery store), Warldorf which was still there last year when I went to cal, Magnolia / Mags which is still there, Moulin Rouge which is still there.
We went straight to the Blue Fox Club, where we were the final act of the night.
Alan Cooper, managing director of Colwyn Bay-based Blue Fox Technology, a company providing innovative mapping websites, said: "We are skilled at mapping just about anything and the potential to provide consultancy advice through comprehensive reports to an international market offers a new dimension to our business.
Most recently, I have come to rely on the silver Blue Fox Super Vibrax in #3.
They were beaten 4-1 by Herning Blue Fox, who held Blaze to a 2-2 draw in their last Continental Cup campaign, and that was their fourth successive defeat in the final.
Amsterdam Tigers on Saturday having earned a 2-2 tie with Herning Blue Fox of Denmark in their opening match.
The Elite League champions, in their debut European campaign, went into the 'winner takes all' clash buoyed by a 5-4 victory over Amsterdam Tigers and a 2-2 tie with Herning Blue Fox of Denmark.
Simpson, 32, played in Denmark last season for the Herning Blue Fox, appearing in seven games.
The Grand Slam winners will face hosts Mulhouse Scorpions of France, Dutch outfit Amsterdam Tigers and Herning Blue Fox of Denmark - coached by former Slough Jets forward Ulrik Larsen - in the second round, which will be held between October 14 and 16.
The dilute variety of American Silver Fox, the Blue Fox, was seen so rarely it was dropped from the list of recognized breeds.
1 Software licensing business of CAD software reseller Blue Fox Enterprises NV for an undisclosed sum.
Post-Cryogenic Biochemical Comparison of Spermatozoa Membranes Isolated Blue Fox and Silver Fox.
Alan Winkler's dream of a rural gay utopia ended abruptly October 7, when he arrived at the 75-acre site of the Blue Fox, a retreat for gay men he'd been building in Grundy County, Tenn.