blue devil

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a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers

the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

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When the Blue Devil Scholars move to high school, they will choose one of five STEAM tracks -- art, design, math/science, technology/management or engineering.
He will play for the Blue Devils in the NCAA Division One ( the highest standard of collegiate football in the US.
Martial arts expert Cassidy assumed his identity after working as a stuntman on a movie in which he was required to wear the Blue Devil costume.
In 1996 three public school students in Ohio filed a federal suit against their high school for using a Blue Devil mascot, a symbol they believed to be satanic.
The AFRL Blue Devil is a follow-on to the Angel Fire electro-optical sensor operational program.
We are pleased to complete the sale of these buildings to Blue Devil Ventures and are glad the properties will be used for the West Village Expansion project," said Ron Bernstein, Liggett president and CEO.
2 Duke Blue Devils bid for the top overall seed in the 2013 NCAA Tournament may be in jeopardy.
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to provide Blue Devil Block 1 (Blue Devil) Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) operations and maintenance (O&M) support services to the AFRL Sensors Directorate.
The Blue Devils are blessed with two supremely skilled players in guard Jason Williams and forward Shane Battier.
8 Blue Devils picked up a 57-36 Midland A victory and improved to 6-2, 2-0 in league play.
Both teams battled hard and enjoyed leads, but in the end, the second-ranked Blue Devils did the job at both ends of the floor and got contributions from several players in gaining a 59-52 victory before a standing-room-only crowd at Leominster's gym.
In a hard-fought game on a muddy field cleared completely of snow, the Warriors defeated the Blue Devils, 28-18, to finish 6-5.
The rivalry between the Duke Blue Devils and the North Carolina Tar Heels would appear not as glamorous in past meetings as only one is considered a true contender this season.
The Duke University men's basketball team, popularly known as the Blue Devils, will play the UAE national team at Al Wasl Club in Dubai on August 25.
The Blue Devils compete with the likes of Florida State and Virginia Tech in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but the program deals with more stringent academic standards than other schools in the league.