blue crab

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bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America

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North Carolina in recent years has ranked third or fourth among all states in annual commercial landings of hard-shell blue crab (NMFS, 2007-2014).
For tarpon, permit, cobia and redfish, we often turn to blue crabs or swimming crabs.
KEY WORDS: growth, temperature, salinity, size at maturity, blue crab, Callinectes sapidus
The relationship of blue crab abundance to winter mortality of Whooping Cranes.
The Blue crab hears Leaves its seaweed bed Listens, pries and peeps Then
Effect of three by-catch reduction devices on diamondback terrapin Malaclemys terrapin capture and blue crab Callinectes sapidus harvest in Delaware Bay.
They explain terminology, the history of Louisiana blue crab fishery, factories, products, where to buy them and how to determine their quality, as well as how to peel, clean, handle, and freeze a crab.
Little Olly the Oyster encounters a variety of amazing creatures in Chesapeake Bay--a blue crab, who cleans the bay by eating carrion; a sea cucumber, who cleans the bay by eating animal waste sifted from the dirt; a barnacle, that cleans the bay by eating floating detritus; and a sea urchin, who cleans the bay by eating algae.
A king crab or blue crab, will gently cradle his mate beneath him and carry her round for three days before they get it together," added Graham.
These data relate directly to previously unexplored aspects of the blue crab fishery in Texas and therefore will be useful to fishery managers.
The female blue crab can lay up to a million eggs a day.
SeaPak's Maryland Style Crab Cakes feature a pair of three-ounce, hand-prepared products made with 100% blue crab meat, seasonings, mayonnaise, onions and brad crumbs.
THE SPECS: Crab cakes made from blue crab and served with a roasted corn and black bean salsa and a roasted pepper aioli.
The most exotic location is the Bahamas and his search for bonefish in th e wonderfully-named Blue Crab Cay while awaiting for the arrival of a cyclone unleashes the poet in him: "The storm missed Blue Crab Cay, but it had ruffled a few hairpieces on expensive yachts along the way.
The Compleat Crabbe is a "must" for anyone wanting quick and easy instructions for catching and cooking the Blue Crab.
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