blue cohosh

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tall herb of eastern North America and Asia having blue berrylike fruit and a thick knotty rootstock formerly used medicinally

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PARENTS' CLAIM While in labor at the birthing center, the castor oil, blue cohosh, and black cohosh caused the patient's uterus to contract excessively and contributed to fetal death.
Blue cohosh was the most frequently used herbal preparation for this purpose.
Red raspberry leaf is likely safe but ineffective (SOR: B, 1 small randomized controlled trial); evening primrose oil is ineffective and possibly unsafe (SOR: B, 1 small retrospective cohort study); black cohosh and blue cohosh lack evidence of efficacy and may be unsafe (SOR: C, expert opinion and case reports).
Shade-loving herbs growing there include goldenseal (an important antimicrobial for acute infections, a key medicinal plant of many Native American tribes), bloodroot, downy rattlesnake plantain, Solomon's seal, wild ginger, spikenard, wild yam, black cohosh and blue cohosh.
We haul out our loot, passing through a low spot in the valley where a dozen varieties of spring wildflower bloom--trillium, bloodroot, jack-in-the-pulpit, wood anemone, blue cohosh, May apple and goldenseal.
Encouraged by this successful marking program, resource managers at Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah, Mammoth Cave, Cumberland Gap, and several Canadian provincial parks are attaching similar signature markers to ginseng and other high-dollar poaching targets such as goldenseal, black cohosh, blue cohosh, bloodroot, lady's slipper orchids, lilies, trillium, and galax.
The most frequently named HMPs were blue cohosh (64%), black cohosh (45%), red raspberry leaf (64%), castor oil (93%) and evening primrose oil (60%).
Nutritional physician Dr Marilyn Glenville, an expert in women's health problems, has formulated drops for PMT which contain blue cohosh, agnus castus, lady's mantle and cramp bark.
The safety of these herbal preparations has been confirmed in numerous studies, but this herb should not be confused with Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides), an herb, that if used improperly, has potentially toxic effects for women and their unborn children.
A new animal study has found that blue cohosh produces significant birth defects.
The team examined dang gui (Angelica sinensis), a plant used in Chinese medicine as a female tonic; hops (Humulus lupulus), a familiar ingredient in beer; vitex (Vitex angus-castus), a Mediterranean plant used to relieve menopausal symptoms; black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), a plant that Native Americans relied on as a cure for menopausal symptoms; blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides), a plant also used by Native Americans; and licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), the flavoring of the candy by the same name, now taken in the Netherlands as a female tonic.
I told my roommates to get a hotel room until the next day and I drank Blue Cohosh tea all day.