blue baby

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an infant born with a bluish color

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Landeros is determined to maintain her vision of keeping Blue Baby Bum a wholesome, parent-friendly company that not only employs stay at home moms but also focuses in making the world a better place for less privileged children.
Blue Baby, Peter Pan and Streamline are useful dwarf or compact varieties, and at the other end of the scale Sunfield is a giant with very large flower heads.
Rasputin was hungry one fine spring day and decided to help himself to eat some blue baby robin eggs.
Another disease prevalent in the area is the blue baby syndrome.
Aston Villa fan James is desperate for his son to follow the Villains, and even bought him a Claret and Blue baby grow.
Earlier, Palestinian baby Seraj Abujaraad, who suffered from blue baby syndrome, had also flown out to Turkey after a similar emergency medical evacuation with the co-operation of the Egyptian Government.
Turkish State Minister and European Union Chief Negotiator of Turkey Egemen Bagis visit Blue baby on Sunday.
Carol was found wearing her blue baby doll night-dress, arms bound tightly and with tape over her eyes.
Nothing exceptional in that alone, but when you consider the greyhound she beat was none other than her own sister, Blue Baby, who was also making her Plough Lane debut, it must go down as a tremendous training performance by the Burhill handler.
In Palmdale, the issue is groundwater quality, in particular, stopping nitrates, a pollutant that can cause a condition known as blue baby syndrome among infants.
Officers working at Coventry International Postal Depot uncovered a package from Panama containing three kilos of the drug in six clear plastic bags wrapped up in a blue baby blanket.
The drugs had been wrapped up inside a blue baby blanket.
The castle is famous for Mary Berkley, whose husband went off with her sister, and the blue baby who moans all night.
This is the story of an old blue baby buggy and Henry, the child who rides in it.