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the sky as viewed during daylight

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Romanian airline Blue Air arrived in Liverpool last year, offering flights to destinations including Bucharest and Rome.
Dyson claims that the Pure Cool Link Blue air purifier automatically removes 99.
Blue Air operates regular flights to Athens (14 times per week), Thessaloniki (5 times per week), London-Luton (4 times per week), Birmingham (3 times per week), Liverpool (2 times per week), Bucharest (7 times per week), Cluj-Napoca (4 times per week) and Tel-Aviv (4 times per week).
Beyond the High Blue Air explores the limits of medical science and searches for the unlimited potential of human compassion.
Tom Screen, head of aviation development at Birmingham Airport, said: "We are delighted that Blue Air is offering another route from Birmingham Airport.
With the addition of Larnaca, Blue Air has 10 flights a week from Birmingham Airport.
Tudor Constantinescu, chief commercial officer at Blue Air, added: "We are extremely pleased to announce our second route to Birmingham starting in December this year, as we expand the network from our newest base at Cluj-Napoca.
Staff on the Blue Air jet travelling to Romanian capital Bucharest said they only accepted English notes, euros or Romanian money.
He was last seen wearing a blue long sleeved top with a low pocket on the left breast and black cuffs, dark blue denim jeans and blue Air Max trainers.
Borschberg tweeted back with a photo of Piccard in the cockpit and a message that the pilot -- clad in an orange flight suit, blue air mask and dark sunglasses -- was "looking great after more than 10 hours of flight".
Blue Air launches 2015 summer schedule which is now available on www.
The new centre will focus on and supply and distribute Donaldson Blue air intake, lube, coolant, and on-board fuel filters, Duramax hydraulic filters, and Donaldson Torit dust collection products.
Romanian low-cost carrier Blue Air said it had also submitted an expression of interest, which is a preliminary step before authorities invite binding bids.
A spokesman for budget airline BLUE AIR in Romania, said: "We have fewer passengers on UK flights compared with the same period last year.
Leading players in China air purifiers market are Panasonic, Philips, Beijing Yadu, Sharp, Honeywell, Austin Air, IQ Air, Blue Air, Airgle, etc.