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Synonyms for bludgeon

Synonyms for bludgeon

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for bludgeon

a club used as a weapon

overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club

strike with a club or a bludgeon


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The savage ape bearing the mighty bludgeon was slinking toward Carthoris.
Selecting his most formidable antagonist, the fellow with the bludgeon, Tarzan charged full upon him, dodging the falling weapon, and catching the man a terrific blow on the point of the chin that felled him in his tracks.
The warlock of Essendean, they say, had made a mirror in which men could read the future; it must have been of other stuff than burning coal; for in all the shapes and pictures that I sat and gazed at, there was never a ship, never a seaman with a hairy cap, never a big bludgeon for my silly head, or the least sign of all those tribulations that were ripe to fall on me.
Which,' said Dennis, with an oath, as he rested his bludgeon in a corner with his hat upon it, and took his seat at the same table with them, 'it does me good to think of.
But such inexplicable massiveness seems to work in such a place even as it bludgeons that place with its banal weight.
Saunders Bludgeons are offered in either screw-in or slip-on configurations.
Four of the best practice points I've tried and found true for this type of in-the-field shooting practice are Game Tracker Shockers, Zwickey Judo Points, Saunders' Bludgeon Points, and HTM Small Game Blunts.
In that hard terrain a softer practice point like the Saunders Bludgeon would have been more suitable.
His wife, Eleanor (Madeleine Stowe), is a modestly successful feminist writer - modestly successful because this is the 1930s and women can only go so far without a man, a fact that the film bludgeons us with at every opportunity.