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Synonyms for bludgeon

Synonyms for bludgeon

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for bludgeon

a club used as a weapon

overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club

strike with a club or a bludgeon


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He said: ``The defendant,armed with a Stanley knife, a hammer and a chisel had gone round to Victory Avenue and, we say, quite coldly bludgeoned Mr Griffiths to death.
A MAN has today denied the murder of two Chinese graduates found bludgeoned to death at their home.
He bludgeoned dad Nicholas, 56, and mum Elizabeth, 48, to death in Jersey in October 1987.
The movie's one-dimensional characters exist solely to be dismembered, decapitated, bludgeoned, set afire, squashed or nail-gunned.
In a series of shocking interviews, the 18-year-old speaks of how he bludgeoned his mother and father with a claw hammer and repeatedly stabbed them with a kitchen knife.
Araujo was bludgeoned and strangled to death after she was revealed to be biologically male at a party in Northern California in October 2002.
Detectives are investigating the past of a postman bludgeoned to death as he delivered mail in a quiet, residential street.
Mr Perry, 40, and Mr Hagan, 36, both from Huyton, were allegedly bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat on June 19.
They were found bludgeoned to death in their burned-out home in Kelvin Road, Clydach, near Swansea, in June 1999.
Karl Bluestone (below) who bludgeoned Chandler, Henry and his wife, Jill, to death at the family home.
More than 81,000 backyard birds have so far been brutally destroyed, and 285,000 more birds are scheduled to be bludgeoned, shot, and gassed, "euthanized," according to The Press Enterprise on January 31, 2003.
BLUDGEONED Jenny The pensioner was last known to be alive at around 10.
Summary: A former blacksmith who bludgeoned his wife to death with a hammer to spare her the shame of his child sex offending has been jailed.
SUFFOCATED Student victim Xi Zhou; BLUDGEONED Her boyfriend Zhen
A MURDER inquiry has been launched after a 69-year-old grandmother was found bludgeoned to death in her home.