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cried Bert, near blubbering, and staring with starting eyes.
I heard his Majesty blubbering and wailing as usual only a few minutes ago.
He was, indeed, half blubbering with fear, and his twitching feeble face peeping out from the great Astrakhan collar had the helpless appealing expression of a terrified child.
And now the whole family, namely, Mr Blifil, Mr Jones, Mr Thwackum, Mr Square, and some of the servants (for such were Mr Allworthy's orders) being all assembled round his bed, the good man sat up in it, and was beginning to speak, when Blifil fell to blubbering, and began to express very loud and bitter lamentations.
Hodson's whip cracking on the shoulders of the poor little blubbering wretches, and Sir Pitt, seeing that the malefactors were in custody, drove on to the hall.
And drive him we did, he cursing, cajoling, struggling, gloating, and blubbering by turns.
We could hear him blubbering somewhere in the shadows.
screamed all the women, above whose exclamations the blubbering of the fat boy was distinctly audible.
Blubbering Barlow might have to take to the road with his whining music to pay his tax bill, it is reported.
I suppose when you're in an ice cave eating blubber, cooking blubber and blubbering into your blubber, it's a distraction keeping a note of what the penguins are up to.
Called Galloping Home, it was written by a chap called Denis King and, short of taking a swig from a bottle of gripe water, its opening strains alone are enough to reduce grown, middle-aged men to blubbering, regressive wrecks in need of a comforting hug from their mums.
Actually, did I ever tell you that one of the highlights of my journalistic career thus far was when, upon interviewing Campbell several years ago, the be-tanned septuagenarian warbler began singing said sad song down the phone to me, almost reducing me to a blubbering wreck on the spot.
And I realized, it's a little psychoanalyst here, but I'm afraid it's because if I really tell you how I feel I'm gonna turn into a blubbering idiot.
You'll find out before it reaches its blubbering end.
Sun-done, swollen, blubbering families with hail damaged legs.