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  • noun

Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for blowup

a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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Fox and we are delighted to be appearing as a launch advertiser on blowUP media's new digital screen.
BlowUP managing director Mark Bracey said the Coca Cola sign will be there for several weeks.
The Great Fires did what fires do best: They quickened, destroyed, fused, Within two years the Big Blowup was followed by a Big Breakup of the Republican party.
As Joseph's starving brothers fought over a sheep - a blowup animal - she tossed it into the audience to keep it away from them.
Every well-stocked porno shop has two types of sex dolls for sale: the classic blowup doll and the imitation vagina, which (in terms of form) is, at best, abstract-looking.
Using a pointer and blowup map, he said the turnout where he and Gupta parked in the Angeles National Forest was much better for stargazing than murder because so many vehicles pass by.
Suddenly, a half-dozen raucous, cigar-smoking women appear, carrying a life-size blowup doll of President Clinton.
In addition, Herz has experience on the performance side as the lead singer, songwriter and producer for the New York band Blowup.
The new beamline features proprietary electron confinement technology, which reduces low energy beam blowup induced by space charge.
It was just last week that Chicago Blackhawks coach Dirk Graham and star forward Tony Amonte engaged in an expletive-laced blowup during a practice, after which Graham insisted the whole thing had been some sort of bizarre piece of performance art.
The distinguished goaltender forced his trade from the Canadiens after a blowup with coach Mario Tremblay, whom he thought embarrassed him by leaving him in a game while Roy was having a subpar night.
Dole, who increasingly hints at an ethics blowup dooming a second Clinton term, began Day Two of his nonstop sprint to Election Day with this pledge to an insomniac New Jersey crowd awaiting his 4:44 a.
Helens' most destructive blowup occurred May 18, 1980, when 57 people were killed and 230 square miles of forest were leveled.
Jurors then saw for the first time a blowup photo of the blood-smeared walkway with Nicole Simpson's crumpled body in the background.
chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the Selective Service, presented Lewis, 18, of Rankin, Texas, (no relation) with a blowup of his Selective Service card.