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a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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At Long Sabai, hunting with dogs and spears is popular, while in the other three settlements blowpipes are mostly used.
A team of seven glassmakers assisted Simpson in gathering layers of molten glass at the end of an iron blowpipe and inserting tiny details of the planet sculpted delicately out of glass.
As for Harrisson, who became the curator for the Sarawak Museum after the war and made a second home in the highlands, there were many comments, including the following on his acquisition of blowpipes: "Was told that there are now no blowpipes in the Kelabit area all having been sold to Tom [Harrisson] for $5-$10 each.
Today's product portfolio fits a large variety of applications, from simple pressure regulators and blowpipes for welding and cutting to sophisticated gas supply systems for medical and electronics industry applications.
Anyone who knows a post-traditional group of Borneo--as, in the primary reviewer's case, the Dusuns of Brunei--will be thrilled to meet descriptions and explanations of practices or skills which linger in folk memory in the plains and foothills but can no longer be observed: the obtaining of wild sago and extraction of camphor; hunting with blowpipes or dogs (including the use of special herbs and charms to put fire into a lazy cur); knowing the non-spluttering resins suitable for firebrands, and how to make forest soap; the knack of tying a loincloth; the conduct of birthing (both Penan and Kelabit custom, compared).
of gaharu, kayu lem), manufacture of ironwood shingles, weaving of ulap doyo fabrics from vegetable fibers (a tradition presently unique to this area in Borneo), manufacture of tourist souvenirs such as blowpipes, motorcycle transportation services, and wage labor for different companies operating in the area.
Injectable drugs have been around for several hundred years, and very likely originated from the use of weapons--such as blowpipes and poison-tipped darts--that brought various substances into the human body by piercing the skin.
She also once wore a camera on her head as she clambered through the rainforest of Borneo with seminomadic hunters armed with blowpipes.
He added: "Rab and Paul went out to hunt for turkey with blowpipes and were told they were really good at it.
It is sad to think they no longer live off the forest but rely on tourists to buy their blowpipes, bangles and keyrings for no more than a couple of pounds.