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Synonyms for blowpipe

a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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Although sharing is at the heart of village life, some items are considered personal property, such as a blowpipe for men, or a hair comb for women.
The practical guide to man-powered weapons and ammunition; experiments with catapults, musketballs, stonebows, blowpipes, big airguns, and bullet bows.
The Saffire range covers all essential gas welding and cutting products including regulators, safety devices, blowpipes, cutters, welding, cutting and process nozzles as well as complete welding and cutting outfits.
Cue arrows, blowpipes, quicksand, traps and snarling beasts.
There were the Maniq, some wearing cheap clothes and one or two naked but for the customary waist-belt and leaf and grass coverings, carrying blowpipes.
3]s jungles, in which tribes armed with blowpipes and poisoned darts undoubtedly roam, today's backpackers can simply pay around pounds 3 a night for a dorm.
Amazonian Indians have used DMT-containing snuff delivered nasally through blowpipes in order to visit the spirit world.
Also since there is no wind and no changes in lighting clients can concentrate completely on their shooting Also Brunig Indoor is one of those rare places where you can participate in up to 20 different shooting disciplines, including blowpipes, archery and regular guns, over anything from three to 300 metres.
They are examining CCTV footage from the shop, which has sold 30 blowpipes in eight months.
Details of all associated products are provided including devices such as Saffire flashback arrestors, blowpipes, nozzles and hoses.
The blowpipes and hand tools such as jacks, pinchers, and shears were "designed centuries ago," he notes.
The new laws will also forbid drunks from loitering around liquor stores, carrying baseball bats and fooling around with crossbows, slingshots, blowpipes and airguns.
The jokes about blowpipes, tranquiliser darts and cat food being gobbled up like caviar, are predictable - but there are lots of chuckles in a likeable movie.
Fabian Goncalves, waving bird feathers and blowpipes in the face of his subject, Fabian Golpiez.
Depictions of goldsmiths using metal blowpipes can be observed on tomb wall paintings at Sakkara dating to ca.