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a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat

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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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They sell blowpipes, bangles, mats and, for slightly more than pounds 2, beautifully intricate rattan baskets, which can take a week to make.
memo, titled "Follow-up with Thatcher re: Terrorism and Central America," North noted that the Chileans had said "they would need to obtain British permission for the transfer" of the Blowpipes.
Investigators recovered a total of 1,800 throwing stars, 600 butterfly knives, 720 dart firing blowpipes and the 1,005 knuckle dusters found during the random check of cargo arriving at Newcastle on an Emirates flight.
Although that contact has given them things they didn't have before - such as football - the Matis still live in the traditional way, hunting wild pigs called peccary and stalking monkeys for food with huge blowpipes.
The Orang Asli still hunt using traditional blowpipes and undertake ancient rituals, although we noticed that the chief had a satellite dish strapped to the outside of his hut and a wide-screen television.
But while the British army regularly trains in Borneo's jungles, in which tribes armed with blowpipes and poisoned darts undoubtedly roam, today's backpackers can simply pay around pounds 3 a night for a dorm and wake up to look at lush palm trees, white sand and clear seas.
Sphinx is armed with swords and blowpipes while old Tut has a unique skill he can be sliced, crushed and set on fire and still come up smiling like a cartoon mouse.
Anyone who knows a post-traditional group of Borneo--as, in the primary reviewer's case, the Dusuns of Brunei--will be thrilled to meet descriptions and explanations of practices or skills which linger in folk memory in the plains and foothills but can no longer be observed: the obtaining of wild sago and extraction of camphor; hunting with blowpipes or dogs (including the use of special herbs and charms to put fire into a lazy cur); knowing the non-spluttering resins suitable for firebrands, and how to make forest soap; the knack of tying a loincloth; the conduct of birthing (both Penan and Kelabit custom, compared).
Their once-lethal blowpipes are now used to pop balloons
The tiny but beautifully coloured creatures have been used for centuries by Indians to put a toxic tip on arrows fired from deadly blowpipes.
My home is filled with books, journals, natural history videos, blowpipes and masks from around the world, slides of the 900 species of reptiles that I've photographed, plus boxes of equipment for working in the bush.