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  • noun

Synonyms for blowout

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

a big, exuberant party

Synonyms for blowout

an easy victory

a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus

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a gay festivity

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Unlike most blowouts, this one did not produce a geyser of crude but a smaller burst roughly 5 ft in height that sprayed oil onto the well pad.
Massive blowout preventers are anchored to the top of underwater wells.
Do you have a message for everyone hitting Club Mono this Saturday for a bit of Blowout action?
BSEE said inspectors flying over the site soon after the blowout saw a light sheen covering an area about a half-mile by 50 feet.
He said the blowout occurred following gas leak in side valve tubing head spool.
Paul Kealy (Betting editor) Blowout Dangerous one this, as he's been a real winning machine over the last couple of seasons.
His recordings are immortal, and a show like the Blues Harmonica Blowout is a rare treat for blues lovers.
Computed tomography (CT) detected a blowout fracture of the inferior wall of the left orbit (figure).
New requirements include offshore operators demonstrating that they have the capability of handling a blowout, new standards for well design, environmental compliance and other safeguards.
Based on observations of damage, our aim was to evaluate whether insect herbivory or fungal pathogens negatively influenced blowout penstemon seed production or viability, reducing seed available for seed banks and seedling recruitment.
Thus, we used linear regression to test for a relationship between mean size of blowout (site-wide quality of habitat) and total area of blowouts (quantity of habitat), with total area of blowouts as the independent variable.
The popular keratin-based hair-straightening treatment called Brazilian Blowout promises to transform unruly curls into frizz-free, smooth hair for months.
Summary: BP have sued Cameron International Corp for negligence, after a blowout preventer failed to avert the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Houston, Mar 24(ANI): A buckled section of drill pipe prevented a blowout preventer from properly sealing to stop last year's massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to a report released by the US Interior Department and the US Coast Guard.
The report by the commission's lead counsel, Fred Bartlit, zeroed in on the failure of the cement well casing put in by Halliburton and a key negative pressure test just before the blowout that should have warned supervisors of a problem.