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Firefighters think lightning hit a large cottonwood tree, shattering it and blowing off a strip of bark most of the way down its trunk.
Some is abrupt -- the sudden blowing off of a surface layer that then forms a shell around the star.
The market is blowing off some steam, according to Steve Harmon, bringing about a welcomed sell-off.
That spreading quickly was halted by regional water quality officials after complaints from area environmentalists, who said the sludge was blowing off the property.
This, the most temperate area of Greenland, had late March temperatures in the light freezing range with little or no snow in the survey area but with strong winds blowing off the inland ice cap.
In a draft of conditions prepared by the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department, there is no requirement for the entire plant to be enclosed - something critics have been seeking in order to contain odors and keep the material from blowing off the site.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 1996--They're calling it the Hamptons of the Internet, where blowing off steam can mean anything from a keyboard kiss to a primal scream.
When viewed through larger and more sophisticated instruments, the comet shows itself to be shedding its frozen coat, much like snow blowing off the roof of a car as it speeds down the interstate.
The first crash started when a tractor-trailer, northbound on 50th Street East, was enveloped in dust blowing off a plowed farm field and slowed down.