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the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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Included are: the blowhole caused by carbon monoxide evolution, ladle slag, and a heavy concentration of manganese sulfide inclusions in the matrix near the defect.
Baleen whales are larger than toothed whales and have two blowholes.
The blowholes may be provoked both by the alloy as well by the mould.
In every case the majority of these issues alone would not have contributed to blowholes in a lead-based soldering operation but in the lead-free world the level of rejects rises dramatically.
Within minutes of arriving at their seaside base, members of the Welsh squad watched from the beach promenade as the giants of the ocean spat water out of blowholes on their backs and dived underwater.
While we don't have blowholes, we do share a number of traits with humpback whales: we are warm blooded, breathe air, give birth to and nurse' live young.
You can sit and have a drink in a bar and see them spouting columns of water through their blowholes, or eat in one of the restaurants and peer out and see them leaping out of the water like a dolphin - and when something that weighs 50 tons does that, it IS awesome.
Their magic lies in lonely graves of shipwrecked sailors in windswept graveyards, a glimpse of a glossy seal and the spectacular blowholes, stacks, caves and arches which dot the coastline.
This southern tip of the county has some glorious scenery characterised by rock arches, cliffs, stacks and blowholes.
The barrier prevents the entry or escape of gases that could create voids or blowholes in the part.
When the species surfaces to breathe, a V-shaped spout emerges from twin blowholes at the peak of its triangular-shaped head.
However, the scientists are still conducting tests to determine the best way to place the chips near the whales' blowholes.
The physical nature of coastal areas is also examined: spray and splash zones, waves and breakers, sea caves and blowholes, shoreline sculpting, coastal dunes and tidepools.
Loctite impregnation products and technologies serve to reliably seal all forms of porosity, including blowholes and capillaries, in alloy castings, sintered metals, ferrites, ceramics and composite materials.
August 26: Nine people, seven members of an Emirati family and two Omanis, were killed in a head-on collision between two vehicles in eastern Salalah near Mughsail Blowholes.