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large usually hairy metallic blue or green fly

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Simon Worlock, for Caiach, said: "A blowfly strike is down to the common bluebottle.
Ms Lynda Maris, professional services manager for Novartis, said: 'Even when detected quickly, blowfly strike can adversely affect wool clip and leather quality, reduce growth rates, increase time to market and cause considerable distress to infected animals.
Livestock owners are also bracing themselves for an explosion in fly numbers with blowfly strike likely to soar.
Blowfly Strike (Cutaneous Myiasis) is a serious condition affecting mainly sheep in many parts of the world.
Sheep flocks across Wales are at risk from blowfly strike this month because the weather pattern is creating perfect conditions for flies.
SOARING August tempera-tures mean the risk of blowfly strike is now at maximum levels in the south of the country and extremely high virtually everywhere.
THE warm, wet weather has increased the risk of blowfly strike on many Welsh farms, according to the predictive website www.
BLOWFLY strike is likely to hit UK sheep farms early this year with the first outbreaks hitting holdings across Wales shor t