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dry hair with a hair dryer

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THIS oil had a pleasant fragrance and a few squirts applied to the length of my hair before blow-drying helped banish frizz and increase shine.
A mixture of Greek sunshine, blow-drying and heated straighteners is a harsh combination - so the revolutionary Kerastase KArathermie Treatment which originated in Brazil, sounded just the answer.
When blow-drying curly hair leave it slightly damp.
FIFTEEN hairdressing apprentices put their blow-drying skills to the test in a competition hosted by Henley College Coventry's hairdressing department.
Instead, use heat Protestant styling products before blow-drying to repair dry, brittle hair and use rich conditioners that protect the hair cuticle and prevent breakage.
However, they may not know that even the little, everyday things they do to their hair - like exposing it to the sun, blow-drying and brushing - are damaging factors.
Reader tester says: 'I used this on my roots before blow-drying and my hair has never looked so pouffed
ct absi "Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly and use a bristle brush if blow-drying straight, or a diffuser if wearing curls," says Jake.
Washing and blow-drying has become beyond a chore, the whole process taking up to two hours.
Before blow-drying, work in a wave-enhancing product--one GL editor swears by Pantene Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Creme ($8, drugstores).
Blast with cold air: After blow-drying, blast your hair with the cold air button at the roots - the volume boost you'll get is incredible.
Finally, to avoid exhausting your arms, keep in mind that hairdressers spend the first 70 per cent of the styling process blow-drying haphazardly before they begin the meticulous sleekening process.
I saw smoke and heard screaming,'' said apartment manager Lori Calloway, 38, who was blow-drying her hair when she heard the alarm.
Blow-drying at typical temperatures of 40 [degrees] to 70 [degrees] C removes the hair's weakly bonded water.