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We were concerned that the wind would blow smoke and flames towards the houses.
I'm not going to blow smoke up his backside yet because he's got a long way to go, but first impressions are very good.
A high pressure fan was used to blow smoke from the building.
We're delighted they've won call-ups to their countries' Commonwealth Games squads but I'm not going to blow smoke at the fans and tell them we'll cope easily because we'll have to learn to play differently.
DON'T light up a cigarette or blow smoke in the boss's face, especially if he is a non-smoker.
Setting up a straw man to take the heat and blow smoke only allows critics of reform to offer more sinister scenarios or wild conspiracy theories that go unanswered.
Their keeper made a wonderful save from Jay when he came on, and let's blow smoke up Jay's a**e for once.
They doused the blazing pan and used a powerful fan to blow smoke from the home.