blow fly

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large usually hairy metallic blue or green fly

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Chrysomya rufifacies, the hairy maggot blow fly, was the species collected most frequently in the current study.
Despite repeated attempts we could never find any effect of these plants on blow fly infestation.
Jacqueline Wilson, the nation's most borrowed author, is only at number 23, and Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell, the most borrowed book in the UK, is at 96.
The union has expressed concern at the Government's decision to immediately stop the sale of the non-OP cypermethrin sheep dip, a vital tool in protecting sheep against ectoparasites, such as blow fly.
The most borrowed fiction book for 2005 was Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell.
Patricia Cornwell tops this chart with her thriller Blow Fly, with John Grisham, James Patterson and Ian Rankin figuring highly.
This one is a Blow Fly," he says motioning to a green disc made by Headrick's Disc Golf Association with the image of a house fly on it.
The bronze award went to the Phoenix Color Corporation for the cover of the Patricia Cornwell novel Blow Fly, on which the title was picked out in foil from Crown Roll Leaf.
Michael Moore; 5 The Know,Martina Cole; 6 Blow Fly,Patricia Cornwell; 7 Schott's Original Miscellany,Ben Schott; 8 Monstrous Regiment,Terry Pratchett; 9 Crap Towns: The Top 50 Crap Towns in Britain; 10 Guinness WorldRecords 2004
The Kiwis were little more than an irritating blow fly on their preparation for the South Africa challenge and that series ended 0-0, with New Zealand outplaying their hosts for much of it.
Most of the research has focused on house and blow fly larvae.
Green blow fly, 1/4 inch long, iridescentgreen; buzzes around pet droppings, garbage.
In addition, fans had the opportunity to take photos with the truck, the Trash Pack Trash Crew street team and two Trash Pack characters - Blow Fly and Trash-A-Pillar - in front of Toys"R"Us Times Square.
The major pests concerned to public health in Saudi Arabia are as follows: Carpenter ants, domestic flies (house fly, flesh fly, blow fly, moth fly, phorid fly, fruit fly, etc), biting flies (midges, eye gnats, the horse fly, deer fly, black fly and stable fly), mosquitoes (aedes, anopheles, culex, etc), rats and mice, cockroaches (American, Oriental, German and brown banded), bed bugs, ticks and mites and rat fleas and so on.