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If you can stop talking about sports -- professional, amateur, high school, middle school, grade school -- you're not a real sports bloviator.
The current list of GOP wannabes includes bloviators, bullies, Bible beaters, another Bush, assorted tea party panderers and Super PAC-supported trickle-down enthusiasts.
8226; To pre-empt the abusive, intrusive and coercive behavior of bloviators, belly-achers, the media, activists and critics.
The selfsame collegiate bloviators who at the time denied that the Cold War even existed are now falling over each other to hold conferences on the subject.
Other liberal bloggers and bloviators picked up the mantra:
Soon the usual evangelical groups were snarling, and the bloviators on Fox News were turning a kids' lawn party into a national news story.
The hired help at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central's brazen satirist) stunned the audience by sending up the sycophantic TV bloviators who regularly flatter President Bush and his administration.
They systematically misrepresent evidence, vigorously promote the few contrarians, engage in personal attacks on scientists, and count on right-wing bloviators to mislead their audiences.