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Finding the stone of factor the relief of insight amid the acreage of bloviation takes deadening patience.
This belief, shared even by those who find Fox as reliable as Das Reich, holds that the public is tired of idle punditry, talking-head spin, round-table bloviation.
For his memorable walk-on cameo appearance in this political Comedy of Errors and his significant contribution to the unbridled bloviation emanating from Washington, most of which has been long on spin and short on facts, Rep.
Unlike the aforementioned McCain detractors, who are famous for partisan wrangling, nasty personal attacks, and high-decibel bloviation, Dobson is widely respected not only for holding to strong moral and political stands, but doing so in a low-key, high-minded, civil manner.
So, I'm not going to entertain his bloviations that are politically motivated," Axelrod said.
Indeed, last year, after having extracted millions of dollars from gullible audiences attending his live bloviations, Peters confessed ("boasted" would be more accurate) in Fast Company magazine that he had faked the book's data, though he regards this particular act of dishonesty as "pretty small beer.
no need to get riled over the hyperbolic bloviations of UN bureaucrats at international forums.
Academic bloviations took the place of the hard-hitting analytical energy that she had given evidence of as a younger woman and for which she would later become renowned as a polemicist.
Indeed, in an effort to speed up the regular Tuesday and Wednesday council meetings, Friday has become the repository for the meaningless but numerous council presentations, demonstrations and bloviations.
The only things that irritate me more than the ads themselves are the blathering bloviations of columnists and commentators who give their opinions the morning after on which ads were good and which were bad.