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Not that his slovenly flat mate in the film (Nick Frost) could give a stuff if the dead had risen again or not - in fact, what better excuse than the possible end of the world to stage a lock-in down the nearest boozer and get blotto until the whole thing simply blows over.
And when the bottle was empty, Phil posted a prank photo of Holly looking completely blotto.
The slobby scoundrel may merely be a front for de Vere's genius, yet he is almost as intriguing as his reluctant benefactor: dimwitted, often blotto, but willing to make the most of his position through the most sinister acts of pragmatism.
Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-King's Daughter" is a humorous and fun mystery as author Simon Brett introduces Blotto and Twinks, children of the Duke of Tawcester.
There is no freedom of choice with these bigots typified by those who go to the UK and regularly get blotto, and when returning ban alcohol from their own house; what hypocrisy.
He produced the Mrs Pargeter series, about a widow who solves mysteries helped by her late husband's friends and more recently the highly humorous Blotto novels, about a sleuthing brother and sister duo.
All the good intentions you might have at 6pm on a Friday evening about safe sex might change by the time 11pm comes round and you're blotto.
It was the first time I was blotto and I vomited fairly rapidly before descending for a traditional Spanish supper.
TROUBLED superstar Amy Winehouse tries to blotto out the pain of her husband's jailing.
Now, Eugene Ormsby (Gilliland) is so clearly a bounder, that Beth Washburn (Smith) would have to be besotted, blotto, brain dead or a combination thereof to believe a word he says.
To add insult to injury, instead of 20 pence a can that this gnat's you-know-what cost down at the local branch of Blotto, Big Frank and yours truly were being charged three quid a throw for the privilege.
It's a reminder that beer is not just a refreshing beverage and means of getting stinking blotto, but also a cherished tradition and important thread in the social fabric.
Though the Banana Farm was closed for maintenance, we got to ride the Terrible One bowl and go out and get completely blotto with all the friendly locals.
We began by reviewing the primary colors and using the blotto technique to create a multicolored paper.
Indeed, if there's an argument to be made for a higher level of regulation, or that somebody should be on hand to give the pilot a once-over before he hits the tarmac (to make certain that he isn't blotto and confirm that he's qualified to fly the course he's got in mind), then these are the people with the most compelling interest at stake.