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absorbent paper used to dry ink


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The tomatoes were sliced by young eye surgeons practising their techniques and the red slivers were then stretched along the outer edges of bread which had been fashioned from layers of blotting paper.
Best of all, though, is the wonderful 'Bicolor', with white flowers tinged with dark blue, like ink "bleeding" on to wet blotting paper.
ANSWER: You can improve the appearance by running a damp cotton-wool swab along the back of the crease, then, with the print sandwiched between sheets of blotting paper, press it with a warm iron.
FILL UP ON FIBRE It mops up stomach acid like blotting paper.
How many seeds in the collected batch can be expected to germinate can be determined by placing a selection on blotting paper in a saucer containing sufficient water to keep the paper constantly moist.
Was a Red Delicious - the blotting paper of the orchard - really the image the developer wanted?
But dressed like Fu Manchu, freelance butler Mr Hardern stole the show in a spangled, black, embroidered Oriental jacket, green sarong, blotting paper yellow socks and natty black suede slippers.
12 Iron away grease on carpets or fabric furnishings, using blotting paper or brown wrapping paper and a hot iron.
Curiously, the opposite was true of her collections of stains left by sliced fruit on blotting paper.
Containing eight serum masks, loose face powder, dusky rose pink lip gloss, face colour powder, blotting paper compact, four satin wrist ribbons with printed blessings, and a Kiss & Tell booklet with message strips to tear off and offer your loved ones, it costs pounds 93.
That one where you experimented with the science of chromatography, by putting black ink in the centre of a piece of blotting paper, and then dripped water on it to see what would happen.
His surgeon said it was like "shredded blotting paper and rotten crabmeat".
Once in,our elected represent a -tives,of whichever ilk,may forgo his/her manifesto pledge in favour of four hour,four course lunches and hand- made designer blotting paper.
n It used to be that only one side of a sheet of paper was written on, and blotting paper was used to soak up the excess ink from the pen.
YOU will need: sharp knife, blotting paper or paper towels, an iron, towel, water, oxygen-based stain remover, bowl, and spoon.