blotting paper

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absorbent paper used to dry ink


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And if ink is the sorry writers lifeblood, then blotting paper is the sine qua mm of authorial practice.
Use blotting paper or tissue to dab off any excess oil just before getting snapped.
Brought in a jam jar, and, via some alchemy involving a tube of dampened blotting paper and an elastic band, possibly, set the bean in place to germinate - which brand new word we copied down from the blackboard very carefully indeed.
We got the saucers, blotting paper and seed, and the children were so absorbed.
After perusing the reports submitted by various states, prima- facie we are of the opinion that milk is being laced with white paint, caustic soda, detergent, shampoo, urea, starch and blotting paper and the practice is going unabated.
The blotting paper I have kept as a valued souvenir
As Barzini noted, this was because of "one puzzling quality, the people's adaptability, their blotting paper capacity at all times to absorb and improve alien conceptions.
Our testers try three shine-saving packages Paul & Joe Limited Edition Blotting Paper, PS3.
You can do a test by sprinkling a few seeds on damp blotting paper or a piece of kitchen roll, keeping it warm and damp and seeing how much of it starts to sprout.
He was a human blotting paper, - always open to learning new things, forever curious.
It is certainly more interesting than the mustard and cress I grew on blotting paper in my schooldays.
I have filled five boxes with 12 clipboards, "best quality" blotting paper, 150 notebooks of various sizes and complexity, and 40 stencils.
We had to hold our arms out straight, have two cracks on each hand, and then go to our classroom and try to write with the old-fashioned pens and ink wells and blotting paper.
The team set up a triage system to sort through the artefacts, and immediately began work on trying to reduce the moisture in the most badly damaged pieces with large sheets of blotting paper and dehumidifiers.
When collared, he asked for 271 paperclips and blotting paper to be taken into consideration.