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Synonyms for blotter

absorbent paper used to dry ink

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the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station

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were isolated in higher frequency from blotter paper method as compared to agar plate.
Pati yung nakalagay dun sa police blotter, 'yung explanation nila, kung totoong merong nangyari, tapos dun sa kahuli-hulihan, nakalagay, (na) hindi naman sila magsasampa ng kaso; anong klaseng complaint yun?
We are hopeful the vertidrain will be a significant help and we have the use of a blotter as well that we have hired," said Newport chief executive Dave Boddy.
The silver and rosewood desk blotter, made by William Davenport in 1910, is expected to fetch between PS800 and PS1,200 when it is auctioned at Christie's in London.
Following the discontinuation of Hollingsworth and Vose ERT FF3 blotter paper in late 2010, EDANA's ad-hoc task force made the decision, in its meeting on 31st August, that the Ahlstrom Grade 989 appears to be the closest possible substitute for the discontinued paper; but that it cannot be seen as an equivalent, due to differences in its strike through time and in its liquid absorption capacity among other, less important factors.
In the same way that Thalmann Commodities' wholesale block trading system provides a mechanism on the equity side for protecting institutions from information leakage or the switching engine goes out to traditional markets with technology that obscures the order from pattern recognition software, or sends out encrypted messages via its blotter liquidity model (rather than scrape the blotter), X5 Markets' software is also protecting the institutional equity and options orders, said Mayerbach.
For up-to-the-minute developments, here's the Austin American Statesman's blotter blog.
You know the economy is tanking when reports like this show up on the police blotter.
O delineamento inteiramente casualizado foi empregado com 10 repeticoes de 10 sementes por parcela, em esquema fatorial 2 x 2 (sementes com e sem endocarpo, submetidas aos metodos blotter test e BDA).
You'll have to excuse me now, as I get back to my new novel: Harry Blotter and the Half Wood Prince.
YORK is using a blotter machine shipped in from Durham county cricket ground to drain the track.
Glo-Mold is said to absorb dirt onto its surface in much the same fashion as a blotter absorbs water.
Simpson's inglorious return to the crime blotter, armchair psychiatrists everywhere are offering their diagnoses.
Thanks to the postwar triumph of the ballpoint pen, the golden age of the blotter soon passed.
I hope you enjoy--well, that's not quite the word--this blotter.